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by Sam Ock

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Who I Am 04:50
[Verse 1] I gotta give it all away All control and letters to my name I simply cannot concentrate Distracted by the noise from every way Grayscale vision got me feelin misled Can I even trust that I’m moving ahead? Many days only thing on my mind bread Many days thinking maybe better off dead But I got you, that is what I will say That you are the reason that I got a new way You are my reality, not an escape Tell me now, tell me now that I’m safe. [Chorus] You, make me feel safe Cover my shame Love me by name You, make me feel brave You take on my pain so I can say.. All I got, all I got, all I got is you All I need, all I need, all I need is you All I want, all I want, all I want is you All I need, all I need, all I need is you [Verse 2] Oh can you take me to a place Shelter from the water and the flame Oh please don't let me isolate Gimme strength to get me through this day Everybody lookin' so good on these screens I don't even know if they really see me Many days only thing I want is to live Better than the past, I got nothin' to give But I got you, that is what I will say That you are the reason that I got my own way You are my reality, not an escape And I know, and I know that I’m safe. [Bridge] Darkness blindin' I'm looking for care Can I really see beyond all of the stares? Many days hurtin' more than what I can bear Many days only made it 'cause you've been there And I got you, that is all that I know And you are the reason that I got a new flow You are my reality, not an escape Tell me now, tell me now that I’m safe
Forever 04:08
**This will be the end of you and me I will keep this memory And I'll cherish you forever This is a beginning, a new day And I'll find another way But you'll be with me forever Six pack o' lies, bottoms up, fadin out Letting these voices inebriate Got no faith, man I wanna escape escapade, vacation, call it siesta Don't wanna try for the next semester Flunked outta life, yea, that's how I feel it don't really matter, man i gotta keep it real. but on the real, can't believe you're gone can't believe it's over, it’s been so long over these years saw the passion die no time for eulogy, we had to get by growin' up always feels too hard getting old really hurts my heart 'cause of all moments i miss but i trust that i'm getting better 'cause of this. every thing i said Playin’ back in my head every sweet moment every place we went is a part, is a mark in me every burn is a brand i see gotta tattoo in my soul memories inked, permanent black gold i don't wanna press rewind even if i wanted to, i aint got time healin' be facing the pain head on letting my tears fall all night long had our time but it's bye for now yea we did good but the clock's run out we did good but the clock's run out this is my last goodbye. All beginnings have an end Every journey has a bend Yes your soul can have a friend Who will love forever All this time is wasted not You will never be forgot You will go into forever
[Hook] When it's said and done I will see the sun I will see your lovely face When it's said and done [Verse 1] Wake me up 'cause I wanna be Be alive I wanna see a new tomorrow There is a day That soon will come Trouble will end The battle be won [Verse 2] When will it end The worry and hurt I wanna know With more than words, that it was worth it There is a day That soon will come Trouble with will end The battle be won.
Carry On 05:06
[Verse 1] Couldn't tell me that I'd see the day Where the valley shade Darkening my vision feel afraid N' I try to pray Gimme more, gimme better faith But wait…maybe there be colors in the grey & wait, maybe there'd be feelins in the fray & wait… empathy be livins in the pain & wait… better is the One who really stayed The One who really stayed, cus He really made the Way, yea. Livin' in expectation Fightin' this cynical mind Ego intoxication Sober me up from the lie That I don't need nobody I cannot live in this state I really do need somebody I wanna live a better way. [Chorus] Please don't let the moment slip away I will fight to live another day Please don't let this ego lead my way I will fight to live another day I will carry on I will carry on I will carry on I'mma sing my song I'mma sing my song I'mma sing my song [Verse 2] Every song you make sound the same You are not original, you are lame Why you even still here? Quit the game Aint nobody but you to take the blame All they really want is a vibe now Make you wanna get another job and hide out Make you wonder now, if it's really worth the pain When you feel like all you're worth is only pocket change Who'd've thought, pocket change hurt Brass coin, dollar bill, valuated dirt Why does the money even matter, I don't know Maybe 'cause I feel like I'm just here to give a show Livin' in expectation Fightin' this cynical mind Ego intoxication Sober me up from the lie
God I really wanna be somethin' Much bigger than and better than me I really do believe in the brighter days ahead Where the paradigm be broken and the people will be free (yea) But we're livin' that ev'ryday grind Caught in the cycle that old state of mind All them bad vibez really do get to me free your mind, man I tell myself frequently I don't wanna shallow vibe (nah) I don't wanna tell you to be livin' in a lie I'mma tell you that we all going through it now So we gotta stick together make each other proud three strands really hard to cut we in good company, pick each other up (yea) We ain't alone, family, sister/brotherhood So put your head up to the sky & say **Feelin good, feelin' great it's our time to celebrate feelin' good, feelin' great 'cause we're gonna be okay I’m alive, I’mma choose To give it all today I’mma groove, I’mma sing And I’mma let the music play cause’ I’m Feelin’ good, feelin’ great Feelin’ thankful for today Feelin’ good, feelin’ great Raise your glasses high and say I’m alive, I’mma give I’mma give it all today I’mma groove, I’mma sing, I’mma let the music the play ‘cause I’m feelin’ good [V2-pH-1] i been feeling so low, in my moody vibes losing appetite so i set the food aside why am i so blue looking for a key but i got no clue 안좋은 기분 갖고 주위 사람앞에서 기쁜척, 그것도 일이야 머리아픈 스트레스 풀고싶어 DVD 하나 빌려 지금 집에 가는 길이야 혼자인것 같아서 주윌 둘러봤어 but to my surprise i’ve got you so i’m not alone 비가올때나 힘이 겨울때나 다 지겨울때나 know when praises go up blessings come down and that’s what it’s all about *Im gonna fight to live today I’m gonna live my life with joy


"Pastel" is a collection of songs in late 2018 by producer and hip-hop/jazz songwriter Sam Ock. The project is a canvas that displays the soft, subtle and light hues which veil a sensitive, pain-ridden soul searching for solace. The gentle, jazz-laced chords and crooning vocals display an idyllic scene while Ock’s honest and direct lyrics lace the work with a sense of deep longing. Pastel is catharsis for the hurting and searching listener.

Sam Ock has recently been active as a producer. His recent credits include production for "RUN" ft. GREY by Lee Jin Ah, "Autopilot" ft. BoA by Junoflo, "Grapevine" ft. Jay Park by Junoflo, "Mama We Made It" ft. Jeebanoff by Uzuhan, and "Be My Own Man" ft. Brother Su by Uzuhan. His style combines trendy and acoustic elements to create music with a strong groove. Sam's own music as a songwriter also is a expression of trying to combine timeless elements of music with trendy sounds, with strong hooks and catchy melodies that listeners can sing along to. Unless noted in credits, he is completely self-produced, playing or composing all the instruments in his productions.


released December 13, 2018

Composed, Arranged, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Sam Ock


all rights reserved



Sam Ock Atlanta, Georgia

Sam Ock is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta.

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